A few days in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place for a short getaway. In the may issue of the TREND magazine I present some tips on how to make the best use of time in this city.

The whole issue of the magazine can be found in the PDF version in the link below (article on page 27, in Polish):


The article is also published on the magazine’s website Gazetatrend.pl.




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Baku for beginners

Baku is a city that defies stereotypes: at the same time it is traditional and modern, rich with oil, but poverty is still visible. Regardless of whether you want to travel to Baku or not, I recommend you my article about this place.

The text was published in the TREND magazine in March 2014. Here’s a PDF version of the magazine (article on page 39, in Polish):


The text was also published on websites: Interia.pl, Onet.pl and of course Gazetatrend.pl.







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Article about Varanasi – a sacred city

Varanasi is a sacred place in Hinduism. This city, though, can be pretty shocking for tourists from Europe. I described Varanasi in my subjective way in the article “The city of dirt and holiness” in TREND magazine in December 2012.

You’ll find a PDF version of the magazine here (in Polish, the article on page 41):


The text was also published on websites: Gazeta.pl and Gazetatrend.pl:






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Travelling to the gates of hell

Derweze, known as “The Hell’s Gate”, is one of the travel highlights in Turkmenistan. But it was not the only thing that charmed me in this country – I wrote about this place in the article “Travelling to the gates of hell” in TREND magazine in November 2012.

You’ll find a PDF version of the magazine here (in Polish, the article on page 42):


The text was also published on websites: Gazeta.pl and Gazetatrend.pl:





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Do you know the rules of the game?

‘We live in Financial Times’ – it was the slogan of the famous advertising campaign of a British daily newspaper on economics and finance. Both the sentence and campaign posters got stuck in my memory because they brilliantly illustrated how the situation in the global economy pervades our everyday lives.

It’s true: we live in financial times.

We live in times, in which we can become millionaires or lose a fortune within a minute.

We live in times, in which the U.S. rating downgrade or disappointing data from China cause the housing loan installment of an inhabitant of Warsaw to increase, though he doesn’t even know what the rating is, and has never been to China.

We live in an era, in which big corporations finance flights into space – and a demise of such a corporation could lead to the financial ruin of thousands, or even millions of people.

We live in times, in which people create complicated financial instruments, that are detached from tangible goods – and, at the same time, that have made the world plunge into crisis for several years.

Whether we like it or not, the world is a bundle of complicated relations, and we all take part in a specific game. So maybe it’s high time to know its rules? The aim of this website is to make it easier to understand complicated mechanisms that change our everyday lives.

I love the contact with nature, but I won’t write about sunny beaches or scenic mountain trails, because these things have already been described. I won’t make a story about quitting a job in a corporation and travelling the world on a budget, because such stories are abundant on the Internet. I will not compete with professional travelers, trying to go further and see more than they did.

Instead, I invite you on a journey around the world of money and groundbreaking changes, but also the world of microtragedies and daily struggle for a life in dignity. I want to lead you into the world the way I see it through my ‘financial glasses’, in my subjective way, without embellishing reality. I want to show you that our lives are an outcome not only of what we do, but also of things that are constantly happening far beyond our control.

I hope I will inspire you to seek the truth about the world and make conscious choices in your life.



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